Bio Works Best

GreenEdge Technologies, Inc. designs, builds, installs and maintains bio-based water and air treatment systems. We love bio-technology and it’s magic-like ability to turn one thing into another-to turn waste into its primal components. To make what was once hazardous, non-hazardous.

Illustration of bacteria found in water

Microbiological Design

GreenEdge produces its own proprietary microbial formulations to respond to each specific application. GreenEdge microbes (BUGS) thrive on a proprietary substrate and begin to multiply almost immediately. These specialized BUGS breakdown organic material, like oils, fats, hydrocarbon chains and reduce them to their base elements, water, CO2, oxygen and carbon. The GreenEdge Process ensures a vigorous and healthy environment for these living organisms which serves to speed up the organic process.

BioJac Water Filtration System from GreenEdge Technologies

A BioJac™ System is the Solution

Advances in microbial technology have come a long way during the last ten years. GreenEdge was quick to realize that BIO really does Work Best – if you know how to manage it!

A BioJac™ Water Treatment Plant develops and enhances the latest microbial technology with long term operational and environmental experience. The result is an “Environmental Platform” for a complete water reuse solution that is scalable, portable and ready to use.

Water Tank made in the USA

Made in the USA

GreenEdge systems are manufactured in the USA and are delivered with everything you need to be operational within 24-48 hours. GreenEdge systems are easy to maintain and cost efficient. Moreover, GreenEdge supports each project with detailed soap management plans, power washer sales and support and complete systems maintenance schedules. One standardized system and one toll free number for support and supplies.