What Clients are Saying

It was refreshing to finally hear the truth about wastewater recycling. GreenEdge worked hard to turn a broken, smelly system into a state-of-the-art wastewater management program that can support the hundreds of vehicles we process each day.

Lexus of Northborough, MA

I invested in a highly engineered bio-system. It didn’t work. A BioJac™ System was installed and within a couple of weeks, I knew my water recycling problems were solved.

Hillview Equipment Fixed Operations Director

GreenEdge is the new standard in wastewater treatment. I am so impressed that I have ordered another system for a second location.

Fixed Operations Director R.H. White Construction

Our facility is located in an environmentally sensitive area. LEI has a fleet of a couple of hundred vehicles as well as landscape maintenance equipment. I heard about GreenEdge from some our corporate neighbors. GreenEdge came highly recommended.

We currently have in our Steam Bay a three-chamber system that stores approximately 1500gallons of pre-wash water. The BioJac Water System runs great. GreenEdge also helped with the design of the wash bay pad, the chemistry and the maintenance schedule for the system.

I feel comfortable recommending GreenEdge to any company seeking to build a first-class wash bay water sustainability program.

Steve Christy Jr. Fixed Operations Manager LEI Corp.

Our filtration system kept breaking down and the odor was unbearable – even when it was working. Finally, I had enough and called Chris at GreenEdge. The BioJac™ System works great! I am very pleased with GreenEdge and the BioJac™ System.

Pyne Sand and Stone Video Testimonial

JG Grant is a very busy scrap metal company located just South of the city of Boston. Our Steam Bay Plant was in dire need of an upgrade, but we discovered that to replace our old evaporator we would have spent upwards of $100,000.00.

We had heard positive things about GreenEdge Technologies, Inc. The price for the BioJac system was in line with our budget and we liked the idea of reusing a valuable resource.

We have had a very positive experience with the BioJac Water System. The water remains very clean and odor free. I would recommend GreenEdge to any company seeking to reclaim and reuse wash bay wastewater.

JG Grant

I was faced with the challenge of updating a “Zero-discharge” Car Wash Tunnel. I would have to pay to transport every gallon of water I consumed. Luckily one of our vendors had worked with GreenEdge previously and suggested I contact them.

We started out cautiously and installed the “BioJac” system with the plan to conserve water and solve an odor problem in the tunnel. We ran the system for six months and it quickly became apparent that this technology was remarkable. We adjusted our plumbing and started to use the BioJac water in the entire pre-wash system, even the chemical feed lines! The results have been magnificent. I reuse approximately 90 percent of my pre-wash water and pay very little for disposal. More importantly my average cost per vehicle is very manageable.

The BioJac Water System by GreenEdge is outstanding. I highly recommend this technology and company for any Car Wash looking to reclaim and reuse water.

Ken Calabro, Haffner’s Car Wash
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